Volume 16, Issue 2: May 2007



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From the Editorial Team

"Neither Slavery nor Involuntary Servitude": The 13th Amendment and the Contemporary Struggle for Labor's Rights

Free Labor Today

By James Pope, Peter Kellman, and Ed Bruno

The Thirteenth Amendment can once again provide a legal base for the right to organize and strike.

Are Labor Rights Human Rights?

By Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello, and Brendan Smith

Using international law to defend workers in the age of globalization.

Immigrant Rights and the Thirteenth Amendment

By Maria Ontiveros

The 13th Amendment provides moral and constitutional grounds to ally the struggle for immigrant rights with the battle for human, civil, and labor rights.

Why Labor Needs a Plan B: Alternatives to Conventional Trade Unionism

By Janice Fine

Fragmented labor markets and short-term employment demands labor movement innovations.

Construction or De-Construction? The Road to Revival in the Building Trades

By Jeff Grabelsky

How is the construction industry tackling its declining numbers?

Latin America Leans Left: Labor and the Politics of Anti-Imperialism

By Dan La Botz

An analysis of labor's role in Latin America's rejection of neoliberalism.

The Coalition to Win: Gomperism for the 21st Century

By Clayton Sinyai

When labor is isolated and on the defensive, a focus on organizing, not politics, is the way to survive.

A Response to “The Coalition to Win: Gomperism for the Twenty-first Century”

By Elly Leary

"Pure and simple unionism" will further labor's isolation as a special interest.

Organizing Wal-Mart in China: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

By Anita Chan

The ACFTU’s lack of organizing experience casts a shadow over a major victory in China.

Working-Class Voices of Contemporary America

Nannies in New York

By Debbie Nathan

Zines from the Shop Floor

By Amanda Plumb

Youth Unemployment Rising: Hundreds of Millions More Working but Living in Poverty

An ILO Report

Economic Prospects

By Robert Pollin

Caught in the Web

By Kim Phillips-Fein

Labor news, views, and resources online.

Books and the Arts:

Sometimes a Great Notion: The Democrats and their Rendezvous with Destiny

The Courage of Our Convictions

By Gary Hart

Take It Back: A Battle Plan for Democratic Victory

By James Carville and Paul Begala

Building Red America: The New Conservative Coalition and the Drive for Permanent Power

By Thomas Edsall

Reviewed by Robert Andersen

Love of God Among the Ruins

How the Other Half Worships

By Camilo Josť Vergara

Reviewed by Mark Hulsether

Is Free Trade Globalization Defensible?

Globalization and Its Enemies

By Daniel Cohen

Reviewed by Thomas Greven

Democracy and the New Capitalism

The New Spirit of Capitalism

By Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello

Reviewed by Wallace Katz

Out of the Mainstream: Books and Films You May Have Missed

By Matt Witt


Walking with Tillie: A Remembrance of Tillie Lerner Olsen, January 14, 1912—January 1, 2007

By Janet Zandy

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